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Worried about limited internship vacancies?

If you’ve got the skills, attitudes, and guts to face our challenges, you might be the kind of intern we’re looking for.

What we’re all about

At Mekari, we aim to empower the growth of businesses and professionals in Indonesia’s 1 trillion dollar economy. To do that, we’re constantly looking for Heroes: those whose ambition is activated when managing tough jobs, laser-focused, and do not settle for less.

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Proudly recognized by leading professional platforms!

This achievement is a testament to our commitment in providing the most suitable work environment for Mekarians to thrive and grow as professionals, hence enabling them to provide exceptional services to our valued clients and partners.

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The Mekarian way

As Mekarians, we collaborate in a way that is unique to uplift each other. If how we do things resonates with you, we welcome you to join us.

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We embrace experimentation

Due to the nature of our SaaS products, we’re always bold enough to take calculated risks and experiment with our offerings–no judgment included.
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We reward achievements

We make sure no great performance, both team and individual, goes unrewarded. One of the ways is through our Mekari Culture Awards.
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We foster relationships

We strive to respect our peers, customers, partners, and other stakeholders in coming up with a long term win-win solution for all parties.

"Di tim CX, kita selalu set goals & priorities, clarify job scope, dan ngadain regular catch up dengan tim lain untuk solve semua blockers yang ada.”

Diana OctaviaHead of Customer Experience
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“Semua pihak dalam tim KlikPajak selalu berusaha untuk deliver fitur yang terbaik, gak hanya dari sisi technical tapi juga memperhatikan aspek user."

Violetta Ardyan PutriProduct Manager
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“Tim UX Research selalu kolaboratif dan suportif dalam setiap task yang kita kerjain, salah satunya dengan saling bantu dan sharing.”

Muhammad Verrel RadimanUX Researcher
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Perks of being a Mekarian

A key element in creating empowering products is empowered creators–in our case, empowered mekarians. In order to maintain the wellbeing of our mekarians, we provide a wide range of benefits.

Mekarians' favorite

Flexible benefits with Mekari Flex

  • Flex benefits for lifestyle vouchers (e.g. gym, healthy catering, psychological counseling)
  • Accessible salary
  • Flex installment (employee loan)
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Mekarians' favorite

Work wherever you want

  • Work from our offices in Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya, Bandung, Yogyakarta, or Gurugram.
  • Work from anywhere, including all GoWork locations paid for by Mekari.
  • Work from home with flexible working hours set by each team leader.
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Complete health benefits for you

  • Premium private insurance with package chosen by Mekarians.
  • Maternity/miscarriage cover for Mekarians, 100% paid for by Mekari.
  • BPJS Kesehatan & Ketenagakerjaan, all administration handled by Mekari.
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Policies for your comfort

  • Annual and unpaid leaves from day 1 of join date for all Mekarians.
  • Overtime leave–no working hour goes unrewarded here.
  • Unlimited sick leave with doctor note.
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Exclusive benefits for Mekarians

  • Budget for special events such as weddings for Mekarians.
  • Quarterly division gathering activities paid for by Mekari–some teams like to use this budget to travel together!
  • Exclusive access to various online learning platforms. P.S: Mekarians may also request access to platforms outside of our list.
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Explore the teams

At Mekari, we encourage everyone to play to their strengths. Find out what each team does best and discover which one suits you the most.

Show urgently-needed positions

Recruitment process

Generally, our Recruitment Process takes about 2-4. weeks*, from Profile Screening all the way to the sending of Offering Letter.

*depending on time taken by candidates to submit tests

Glassdoor Reviews

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Image_Talenta by Mekari
Suwandi SohCEO
Recommend to a Friend
Interview Experience
  • Positive 83%
  • Negative 11%
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Why do I keep seeing all vacancies from Mekari posted on all job boards?

For the purpose of building our pipeline, Mekari always keeps all of our openings on job portals–even if we’re not actively hiring for certain positions. Having a job opening posted on job boards doesn’t mean we are urgently/actively hiring for that position at the moment.


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