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The rapid digitalization in Indonesia over the past several years is a large catalyst for making Mekari possible. Our belief is that technological innovations could bring value beyond businesses.

Mekari serves as a pragmatic platform designed for entrepreneurs, leaders, and growth-focused individuals navigating the intricacies of digital transformation. Our commitment is to facilitate the construction of robust businesses and companies while fostering a meaningful life. Explore Mekari as your trusted ally in the journey of digital evolution and business development.

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Mekari's story

Bringing digital transformation possible in Indonesia.

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Talenta, Sleekr, and Jurnal stand with different corporate entities as early players in the movement of the SaaS industry in Indonesia.

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Talenta, Sleekr, and Jurnal merged into a new entity called Mekari to realize the same vision and mission.

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Mekari introduced a new product for online tax management, Mekari Klikpajak at the Mekari Conference, which was successfully held as
the #1 technology conference in Indonesia.

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Mekari introduced a new product for managing employee benefits and welfare support, Mekari Flex.

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Mekari Qontak, the Omni-channel and CRM software, joins the Mekari ecosystem.

CEO Mekari - Suwandi Soh
Our leaders
Meet the dynamos that keep Mekari wheel of awesome innovation spinning

“By 2030, our ambitious goal is to revolutionize the way 5 million professionals across hundreds of thousands of businesses operate, by providing them with innovative software solutions that not only elevate their operations but also act as a catalyst for Indonesia’s digital transformation.”

Suwandi SohChief Executive Officer

Suwandi’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2008 when he co-founded a consulting firm focused on guiding businesses in Indonesia to achieve operational excellence through Six Sigma and Lean Thinking practices.

In 2015, Suwandi established Sleekr, a cloud-based intuitive HR solution, which later evolved into Mekari. Under his leadership, Mekari has rapidly grown into a trusted business automation platform utilized by tens of thousands of companies. Committed to innovation and embracing the potential of technology, Mekari aims to expand its offerings to create a more comprehensive and efficient platform.

Our leaders
Meet the dynamos that keep Mekari wheel of awesome innovation spinning

“At Mekari, we believe we will never know our full potential unless we keep pushing beyond our own self-imposed limits.”

Sandy SuryantoChief Revenue Officer

Sandy brings over 11 years of experience in the fast-moving consumer goods and pharmaceutical industries, specializing in sales, business strategy, marketing, and technology across Indonesia. Prior to joining Midplaza Group as the Strategy & Operation Director.

In 2017, Sandy joined Mekari and began building and expanding the Mekari sales and after-sales team. Under his leadership, the team achieved and served hundreds of thousands of users.

Our leaders
Meet the dynamos that keep Mekari wheel of awesome innovation spinning

“The question is not whether we will grow. The question is how fast.”

ANTHONY KOSASIHChief Operations Officer

Anthony is a visionary with a mission to modernize the accounting processes of SMEs in Indonesia through technology. Alongside Daniel Witono, he co-founded Jurnal, a simple online accounting software that is now an integral part of Mekari.

Thanks to his achievements, Anthony was selected as one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2020 and Gen.T Leaders of Tomorrow in 2021. Under his leadership, Mekari has successfully created an agile and conducive work environment for over 600 employees.

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Headquartered in Jakarta, Mekari aims to be the trusted and accelerated development solution.

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