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We believe that technological innovation is key to taking businesses to the next level. In this complex digital era, every business and individual needs support in creating strategies, as well as effective execution to stay relevant in the market.

If you are a forward-thinking professional or decision-maker who is ready to grow with digital innovation, Mekari is the platform for you.

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We have helped various businesses across all industries from the MSME segment to large enterprises by recommending a variety of innovations and services to support your business strategy and operations.


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For those who believe in potential development and are interested in learning how best practices can bring opportunities to move forward, Mekari is the platform for you.

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“There are 2 important factors in choosing a platform, namely features & price. Products from Mekari have complete features and competitive prices. Truly fits our needs. Akseleran is a happy customer.”

Ivan TambunanCEO of Akseleran

“After using Mekari Jurnal and Mekari Talenta, three things have changed completely. First, all expenses are clearly monitored. Second, in terms of speed, important reports are available on time. Third, is reliability; all business needs are monitored end-to-end on the same system, and thus there are no more data errors like when using different systems.”

Ellen PranataCEO of KLAR Smile
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