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future business challenges
Tue, Feb 6

Top 12 Future Business Challenges You Need to Know

Over the past few years, it cannot be denied that businesses have been on a bit of a...
adapting to the future of work
Tue, Jan 30

The Future of Work: How Business Can Steer The Changes

Today, many workers find themselves stuck in tasks that are manual and repetitive, eating up a considerable amount...
how generative ai is changing creative work
Tue, Jan 16

Generative AI: The Game Changer in the Realm of Creative Work

Creative workers are worried about generative AI. They see AI’s ability to quickly create new and high-quality content...
green financing
Mon, Jan 15

Green Financing: Definition, Benefits, and How to Access It

Green financing is a term that refers to the use of financial resources to support projects or activities...
ageism in the workplace
Wed, Jan 10

Breaking Ageism: Building a Workplace Where Age is Just a Number

In Indonesia, job opportunities are popping up left and right, but here’s the twist—they often come with an...

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Monash University Indonesia, Mekari dan Digital Hub BSD City umumkan beasiswa untuk profesional dan pengusaha

Monash University Indonesia merupakan universitas berstandar internasional yang menawarkan program…

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Mekari technology conference 2023 to highlight impact of AI on business

Mekari, perusahaan solusi digital terkemuka di Indonesia, mengumumkan kembalinya Konferensi…

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Riset Mekari 62 Persen Bisnis Di Indonesia Berpotensi Mengadopsi AI

Mekari, meluncurkan hasil riset ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) Adoption Readiness of…

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Case study


Case Study : KLAR

Mekari Jurnal menjadi one stop system untuk KLAR dalam mengelola…

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Case Study : Oma Elly

Oma Elly kurangi stres finansial karyawan untuk junjung kualitas layanan…

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Case Study : Surya Daya

Intip bagaimana Surya Daya kelola pajak 2 perusahaan dengan fitur…

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We bring you inspirational stories, insightful conversations, and the latest perspectives from industry experts and inspirational leaders. Join us on a journey to uncover unlimited potential in the world of business, technology, and career development.

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Event Series

Mekari Community actively collaborates with numerous partners throughout Indonesia. Our specialized programs intensely enhance the knowledge and skills of members and event participants.

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Bizvolution Program

BIZvolution (Business Revolution) is Mekari’s official WhatsApp-based business community forum. BIZvolution offers regular and exclusive activities, including events, daily discussions, and business support.

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Tax Geek Forum

Exclusive customer groups within Mekari cater to Legal and Tax practitioners, as well as all Mekari Klikpajak users in Indonesia. These groups provide various empowerment offers, including webinars, roundtable discussions, and training sessions.

THU, FEB 29, 2:00 PM

Scaling Up Bisnis UMKM: Strategi Keuangan Cerdas, Optimasi Produk, dan Akses Permodalan

Ingin memperluas bisnis UMKM-mu dengan strategi yang tepat? Jangan lewatkan…

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TUE, FEB 20, 2:00 PM

The Power of Digital Language Learning for Employee Retention and Business Expansion

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FRI, FEB 16, 9:00 AM

Sosialisasi dan Implementasi Aturan Tarif Efektif Rata-Rata (TER) Pph Pasal 21 untuk Jenis Usaha Penyelenggara Jasa Internet

Sosialisasi dan Implementasi Aturan Tarif Efektif Rata-Rata (TER) Pph Pasal…

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Financial Wellbeing Survey of Indonesian Employees 2022

Mekari Contextual Financial Services (CFS) conducted a survey and discovered a close correlation between employee financial wellbeing and work productivity.

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