Snap, Save, Sync. Intelligent data processing for higher efficiency

Take photos, automate repetitive tasks, and extract valuable insights with Mekari Stream cutting-edge AI-driven OCR technology.

Powerful features to revolutionize your workflows

How Mekari Stream Works

Mekari Stream allows businesses to intelligently Snap, Save, & Sync document data and helps organize them digitally.

Pick your preferred mode of data entry – from snapping pictures of the documents, uploading them in PDF format, or sending a chat to our AI assistant.


Mekari Stream advanced cognitive technology reads and converts those files into structured data that you can utilize according to your needs


Receive tailored results in CSV, XLS, JSON formats for effortless integration with Industry-Specific softwares like CRMs, ERPs, HCMs, Accounting, and Payroll systems


Why businesses choose Mekari Stream


Increased efficiency

Automated document processing and data extraction, takes less time and manual data handling


Improved accuracy

Ensure data extraction accuracy and minimize errors. Preventing costly damages and mistakes


Seamless integration

Effortless data transfer with seamless integration to softwares and application according to your needs


Extremely scalable

With a flexible architecture and customizable features to adapt to your unique business processes


Provides complete solution

Along with Mekari Jurnal Partners, providing end-to-end accounting solutions based on your needs


Enhanced clarity

Process documents into structured sets of data digitally, clearer and more seamless to be accessed

Frequently Asked Questions

Mekari Stream is an intelligent document entry and processing software, to help capture documents and automatically process them into structured data.

By using AI-based OCR Technology, Mekari Stream can easily scan and read data from your documents and record them instantly to our software. Once the data is extracted, you can post them into accounting software, populate spreadsheets, or download data as CSV files.

With Mekari Stream, you’ll be able to:

  • Save time on business processes, by eliminating redundant tasks
  • Increase efficiency without needing to do manual data entry
  • Integrate to external software seamlessly, according to your needs
  • Improve accuracy with advanced technology, reducing human errors

OCR or Optical Character Recognition powered by AI, is a technology with the ability to capture, read, and extract data from documents. This way, it’s easier to retrieve crucial information such as names, dates, amounts, and more.

Jurnal Partner Network is a network with a wide range of Mekari Jurnal partners, to assist you in a seamless and accurate accounting experience. Mekari Stream, as a software, complements and increases the speed of your accounting data entry and extraction processes. Learn more here

Yes, you can easily capture your documents with your smartphone’s camera. After capturing the documents, Mekari Stream will process them into structured data automatically.

Mekari Stream pricing along with the included solutions varies depending on the needs for your business. Click here to view the full pricing package options. (link to subpage pricing)

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