Drastically reduce your employees' workload with workflow automation software

Tired of juggling separate tools and repetitive tasks? Mekari Flow will help you to connect your business platforms among Mekari ecosystem and external apps to automate tedious tasks.

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Mekari Flow’s top workflow features


Stay informed and connected with real-time notifications.

Mekari Flow empowers you to set up customized notification workflows that keep your team in the loop about important events and actions across your SaaS ecosystem. Whether it’s employee leave requests, deal status updates, or invoice approvals, never miss a beat with our robust notification system.


Efficiency meets innovation with Mekari Flow's automation capabilities.

Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to streamlined processes. Automate repetitive tasks, trigger actions based on specific events, and orchestrate seamless workflows across your integrated SaaS applications. From scheduling meetings to generating invoices, let Mekari Flow do the heavy lifting for you.


Break down silos and unite your SaaS tools with Mekari Flow's powerful integration features

Seamlessly connect your favorite applications and unlock endless possibilities for data exchange and collaboration. Whether you’re syncing HR data with your CRM or automating financial transactions between platforms, our intuitive integration framework ensures smooth data flow and enhanced productivity.

Multiple Flows

Take control of complexity with Mekari Flow's support for multiple workflows.

Customize and manage distinct workflows for different departments, teams, or projects within your organization. Whether you’re managing HR processes, sales pipelines, or financial operations, Mekari Flow adapts to your unique business needs, allowing you to optimize processes and drive results across the board.

Why choose Mekari as Top solution for business


Scalability and Flexibility

Our products and services designed to suit the business needs and complexities with customization and integration via Open API.


Access and Security

We ensure the access control of each platforms, and certified security system based on the international standard procedure.


Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Centralization and continuous development guarantee on each platform through the easier, faster, and accurate decision making system.


Multichannel customer support

Trusted after-sales service and product training support that can be accessed on various communication channels.


Community Empowerment

Various events, networking and collaboration with various expert practitioners in the Mekari Community and Mekari Event.


Free maintenance & policy-friendly

Kominfo-certified cloud-based platform that quickly adapts business regulations according to statutory regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mekari Flow is an integration and automation platform that allows you to connect various SaaS applications and create efficient workflows among them.

Mekari Flow helps your business improve productivity and efficiency by automating routine tasks, consolidating data from various platforms, and streamlining your workflow processes.

Yes, Mekari Flow is designed to integrate with various popular SaaS applications in the market. This enables you to connect your systems with other applications you use on a daily basis.

Yes, the security of your data is our priority. Mekari Flow comes with high-security standards and uses data encryption to protect your sensitive information.

Our support team is always ready to assist you. You can reach out to us via email, live chat, or other support channels available on our platform.

Yes, Mekari Flow can be customized to meet your unique business needs. From workflows to application integrations, we work with you to provide solutions aligned with your business objectives.

Revolutionize the future of work with Mekari Flow

The best solution for business process integration and connectivity management.

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