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Every solution from Mekari is meticulously crafted to enhance productivity by streamlining operational activities for your business.

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Cloud-based business software
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HR, payroll, and workforce management software

One-stop solution for various workforce management needs, encompassing operational and strategic HR for enhanced efficiency in business processes.

  • A flexible, cost-free implementation, and maintenance cloud-based HR system.
  • A secure HR database, seamlessly integrated with various management modules.
  • High scalability, easy configuration, and adaptation to company culture and rules.
  • Automated HR processes to streamline day-to-day operational workflows.
  • Various strategic integrations for HR analysis, planning, and decision-making.
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Omnichannel and CRM management software

One solution for various needs in prospecting and customer service management for sales, marketing, and customer expansion and innovation.

  • Cloud-based CRM & Omnichannel system that is flexible, with no implementation and maintenance costs.
  • Secure sales and customer data pipelines, seamlessly integrated with various management modules.
  • High scalability, easy configuration, and customization of rules, along with access control supervision.
  • AI & automated Bot technology support to streamline day-to-day operational processes.
  • Various strategic integration modules for analysis, planning, and decision-making.
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Accounting and supply chain management software

Reduce the risk of recording errors and ensure data accessibility anytime, anywhere.

  • Bookkeeping processes assisted by automation.
  • Simplify bank reconciliation through integration.
  • Comprehensive management of inventory and stock.
  • Performance analysis through real-time reporting.
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Company and individual tax management software

A secure solution for your business tax needs, also an official partner of the Directorate General of Taxation (DJP).

  • Pay and report taxes securely online.
  • Receive official proof of tax reporting.
  • Well-organized storage of tax reporting history.
  • Compliance with applicable tax regulations.
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Employee benefit and welfare support management software

Enhance employee engagement and well-being with flexible and tailored benefit schemes.

  • Benefit management within budget constraints.
  • Option for early salary access.
  • Comprehensive and curated list of vendors.
  • Maintain employee satisfaction and retention.
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Electronic signature and meterai software

Trim down time and costs in digital document administration with eSignatures and eStamps, securely and legally binding.

  • Legally valid electronic signatures in Indonesia and globally.
  • Affix official electronic stamps from Peruri anytime, anywhere.
  • Send and sign documents in bulk.
  • Track document status in real-time.
  • Set up and receive automatic contract renewal reminders.
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Financial and operational budgeting management software

Streamlining company expenditure operational processes into a single dashboard and shifting focus towards strategic business aspects for more efficient cost management and financial control of the company.

  • Submit and approve reimbursement requests using apps.
  • Get notified and approve requests for the finance team's ease.
  • Send funds on a set schedule.
  • Summarize and integrate into automated expense reports.
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What is Mekari?

Mekari is a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that provides cloud-based business automation solutions to support the diverse business landscape in Indonesia, catering to businesses of all sizes, through the use of technology.

Mekari offers fully-featured and integrated products, including:

  • Mekari Talenta – HRIS Software
  • Mekari Flex – Employee Benefits Management Software
  • Mekari Jurnal – Business Accounting Software
  • Mekari Qontak – Omnichannel CRM Software
  • Mekari Klikpajak – Online Tax Management Software, Official Partner of DJP
  • Mekari Sign – Electronic Signature and e-Stamp Software
  • Mekari Expense – Business Expense Management Software
  • Mekari Stream – Data Extraction and Entry Software with OCR
  • Mekari Payroll Service – Employee Database and Payroll Management Service
  • Mekari University – Certified Learning Platform for Professionals
  • Mekari Flow – Workflow Automation Software
  • Mekari Access – Identity and Access Management (IAM) Software for Enterprise
  • Mekari Airene – Artificial Intelligence Support for Various Mekari Ecosystem Products
To purchase Mekari products, you can contact our sales team via WhatsApp or visit our contact us page. Our team is ready to serve and answer your questions to the best of their ability.
The prices of Mekari products can be viewed on the pricing page. You can customize them according to your company’s conditions and budget. You can choose to subscribe to just one product or purchase product bundles for more cost-effectiveness.

SaaS, or Software as a Service, is a way to use software over the internet without installing it on your computer. Instead of buying and owning the software, you subscribe to it and access it online. Common examples include CRM, HR software, Accounting software, and other Mekari Product.

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