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Simplify Small Business Expense Tracking with Mekari Expense

small business expense tracking
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Small businesses often face a myriad of challenges when it comes to expense tracking. From managing receipts to cash flow, the task can be overwhelming and time-consuming. 

Traditional methods, such as spreadsheets and paper trails, are prone to errors and offer limited visibility into spending patterns. This lack of clear financial data makes it difficult for small businesses to make informed decisions, optimize budgets, and identify areas for cost savings.

Enter expense management software. This innovative solution empowers small businesses to take control of their expenses. It streamlines the small business expense tracking, eliminates manual data entry, and provides a holistic view of spending patterns.

Small business expense tracking challenges

Small businesses often face numerous challenges when it comes to tracking expenses. These challenges highlight the need for adopting appropriate expense management software.

1. Lack of spending control

Traditional expense tracking methods often lack transparency and control, leading to unauthorized spending and budget overruns. Implementing expense management software provides real-time visibility into expenses, allowing businesses to set spending limits and monitor employee spending patterns.

2. Inconvenient financial reporting

Manual expense report creation is time-consuming, error-prone, and often delayed, hindering timely reimbursement and financial oversight. Expense management software automates expense report generation, extracting data from receipts, invoices, and credit card statements, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

3. Slow reimbursement processes

After business trips, reimbursement can be a lengthy and convoluted process. Delayed reimbursements can demotivate employees and disrupt cash flow. Expense management software streamlines the reimbursement process, automatically approving and disbursing funds for eligible expenses, ensuring timely payments and employee satisfaction.

Overcoming expense management challenges with Mekari Expense

In the face of common expense management challenges, Mekari Expense offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to empower businesses with streamlined processes, enhanced control, and improved visibility into spending.

1. Virtual Credit Cards

virtual credit card Mekari Expense

Mekari Expense’s virtual credit card feature eliminates the risk of unauthorized spending and fraud by providing single-use card numbers for employee purchases. Each card can be restricted to specific spending limits and assigned to projects or needs, ensuring that funds are allocated appropriately.

  • Real-time transaction alerts keep you informed about every expense, enabling timely intervention and preventing misuse of funds.
  • Detailed spending activity tracking provides granular insights into expenses, including date, location, and category, for comprehensive expense analysis.
  • Centralized expense management streamlines expense tracking and reconciliation, simplifies invoice management, and facilitates the creation of comprehensive expense reports for financial analysis and auditing.

2. Business Trip 

Business Trip Mekari Expense

Mekari Expense simplifies business trip expense tracking and reimbursement with automated workflows and centralized data management.

  • Employee-initiated trip requests through the mobile app capture essential details like destination, expense types, and budget estimates.
  • Automated approval workflows ensure adherence to company policies and expedite reimbursement processes.
  • Automated expense reporting eliminates manual data entry and generates accurate expense reports for analysis and reimbursement.

3. Bills

Bills Mekari Expense

Mekari Expense streamlines bill payment and reduces manual processes, saving time and minimizing errors.

  • Centralized bill management eliminates the need for separate bill submission, approval, payment, recording, and tracking processes.
  • Seamless bill payments to all Indonesian banks (BCA, Mandiri, BNI, etc.) from a single platform.
  • Multi-layered approval workflows safeguard financial integrity by enforcing company policies and authorization levels.
  • Partial bill payments enable flexible payment options for large expenses.
  • Vendor database management facilitates easy and quick transaction processing.


By implementing Mekari Expense’s comprehensive solutions, small businesses can:

  • Gain control over spending and eliminate unauthorized expenses.
  • Enhance efficiency and visibility into expense tracking and reimbursement processes.
  • Improve employee satisfaction with streamlined expense management.
  • Make informed financial decisions based on accurate and actionable data.

Mekari Expense empowers small businesses to take control of their spending, streamline expense management processes, and make informed financial decisions. Contact us today to learn more about how Mekari Expense can transform your expense management experience.


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