Precision process, high accuracy. Easy way to manage databases and employee salary disbursement

Submit detailed payroll data and information for each of your employees, our team of experts will handle the rest.

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Safe and easy solution employee payroll process

How Mekari Payroll Service

Mekari Payroll Service helps manage employee databases, calculate accurate salaries, and pay the salary on time.

Simply send detailed employee-related data (absence, leave taking, and overtime) via email for further processing by our team.


Provide additional details for each employee such as additional earnings, benefits, or deductions to be calculated for the take home pay


Our team will make payments according to the specified schedule and provide a final report to ensure all data is correct.


Why businesses choose Mekari Payroll Service


Save Time and Costs

Simplify your payroll processes to save more time and reduce administrative costs


Compliance Assurance

Guarantee of compliance with corporate tax regulations to reduce the risk of expensive fines


Employee satisfaction

Accurate and timely salary disbursement increases employee satisfaction and trust


Confidentiality and protection

Our commitment to data confidentiality ensures the protection of your employee information


Tailored for Indonesian businesses

Designed for the unique needs of Indonesian businesses with their requirements and regulations.


Professional consultation

Get dedicated support from our team of experts for better payroll operations

Streamline all employee payroll processes, achieve higher accuracy and efficiency!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mekari Payroll Service?

Mekari Payroll Service connects business owners with our payroll experts who are experienced in handling employee data management and payment.

We offer end-to-end services from managing employee data to monthly reporting, our team can get all of it done faster and more accurately. Mekari Payroll Service promotes security to make sure none of the employee’s sensitive data are leaked.

The complete Mekari Payroll Service includes:

  • Employee data management
  • Payroll calculation and disbursement process
  • BPJS or insurance administration
  • Tax deduction and administration
  • Provide detailed payslips and report

Yes. If you are already using Mekari Talenta, it will be very easy for us to help you consult and operate your payroll management.

We mainly use Mekari Talenta to do all the management, calculation, and disbursement processes. If you haven’t used Mekari Talenta, we can help on the subscripiton and onboarding process as well, before able to use Mekari Payroll Service.

The calculation and disbursement processes take up to 12 days before payday.

Get started with Mekari Stream to automate your processes

Say goodbye to manual tasks, transform your data processing and embrace increased efficiency!

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