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Powering business growth through world-class SaaS’ best-practice & solution

Mekari provides one-stop business solutions for industries from various segments in Indonesia with best practices and support from AWS.

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Mekari collaboration with AWS

Built on AWS from its inception, Mekari has access to an unmatched portfolio of cloud capabilities that allows the quick deployment of new features and services in response to customer feedback.

Mekari uses AWS services including Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, Amazon S3, and Amazon RDS as our main application workloads. AWS infrastructure support enables Mekari to serve millions of traffic with high resilience, multi-tenancy, and high availability setups across multiple zones. This ensures that our products can work with hundreds of enterprises and companies growing rapidly in Indonesia.

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“As the number one choice of growing business solutions in Indonesia, one of our missions is to ensure our clients get the best solutions for their business development and inspire new strategies for business success. AWS guarantees the flexibility and security of the infrastructure for us to build products that already support more than 35,000 businesses in Indonesia. We are a proud AWS partner.”

Toni Indrali VP Infosec & Compliance Mekari

Delivering exceptional business
strategies with Mekari

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Automated business operations and improve the productivity

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Integrated ecosystem for various business use-cases

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Streamlined management for faster decision making

Find the right solution for your business

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Mekari Talenta

HRIS & Payroll automation Software
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Mekari Jurnal

Integrated finance & accounting Software
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Mekari Klikpajak

Online tax management Software
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Mekari Qontak

CRM & Omnichannel communication Software
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Mekari Flex

Employee Benefit & Welfare Software
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Mekari Pay

Business transaction management Software
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Mekari Capital

Business funding management Software
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Mekari e-Sign

Document authorization Software

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At Mekari, we grow with Indonesian business from all industry segments

Mekari provides innovations that allow us to meet business needs with various use cases in various industries.

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